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Title: Basic File Exchange
Post by: darkbass on June 07, 2016, 09:15:42 PM
I have 2 MS-60b's. I would like to make 1 an exact duplicate of the other.

Is that possible?

If so, how?


Title: Re: Basic File Exchange
Post by: Dave (drdashdot) on June 07, 2016, 11:38:26 PM
Hi darkbass.  That is possible, and very easy.

Connect the pedal you want to copy, then press "Full backup".   A filename popupappears - I suggest you rename the backup file for ease of reference.

When the status message "Backup complete" appears, you can disconnect that pedal and connect the pedal you want to copy to.

Press the "MS60B" button and ZoomLib will load the new pedal.  If you want to backup that pedal also, press the "Full backup" button and again rename if you wish.

You can then press "Full restore" to load either backup. 

What this won't do (I think) is change any of the pedal's master settings accessed by pressing the left button on the pedal and going to the "SETTINGS" menu - ie, auto save, hold for tuner/tap etc.  (I haven't confirmed this, so tell me if I'm wrong please.)  The above procedure will duplicate all patches - including the tempo setting for each patch.

Hope this helps.  If you have any killer patches, please share them!