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About this board
« on: March 27, 2016, 06:30:38 AM »
Each topic in this board starts with a post containing one patch file for the Zoom B1on or B1Xon.

Note:  B1on / B1Xon patches can be loaded to either pedal.  They can also be loaded to G1on and G1Xon pedals (but some effects might appear as "Missing" on those pedals.  You can similarly load patches from the G1on / G1Xon board to your B1on or B1Xon pedal.)

The patch can be loaded to your pedal using the ZoomLib program (available in the Downloads section for Windows or MacOS) either by drag and drop or double clicking the patchfile link.

You can also upload patchfiles from your pedal using ZoomLib.  (You must register and log in to do so.) 

Note that you cannot start a topic in this board (except by uploading a patch via ZoomLib) but you can reply to comment on patches, and also rate the patch out of 5 stars.

Below is a sample patchfile link to allow you to test the ZoomLib program without having to register.  Before testing, you should make a backup of your pedal's current patches.  (Click on the "Full Backup" button in ZoomLib.)

To load this patch to your pedal: navigate to this page using ZoomLib's browser, then Drag this link to the desired slot (or double click to load to current patch)

(This is B1on factory patch B2:  LowOctave)

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