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G1XON repair
« on: July 01, 2018, 12:38:09 AM »
I've had my G1XON for a bit less than a year now, and have just experienced a bad connection on the output jack. (as usual, I didn't realise the culprit during practice, and was 'reminded' while playing live :) )

fortunately, this is a very easy repair - if you have a soldering iron.
Remove the 8 screws holding the botton on and lift it off, then remove the screw holding the shield over the input jack connections and remove this bit too.

My unit had 5 dry joints (out of 7) - all caused by lack of mechanical strength. A quick touch with the soldering iron gives a temporary (?) repair.

The lack of strength is a bit of a worry though, so I'm going to build a small pedal board and create a small audio 'extension lead' to take the stresses off the jacks. Powering the unit from the pedal board will render the on/off switch in the input jack superfluous.

One good point to come out of this is: This fault is likely to be quite common, and the ease of repair means that it is well worth buying a cheap unit with no or internittent output in the expectation of being able to fix it.

Happy soldering


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Re: G1XON repair
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2018, 04:40:44 AM »
Hi Werafa,
I get the same problem with my unit. I will try to have a look at the soldering, and hope not have to change the jack.