Author Topic: (G1on) Gary Moore  (Read 5619 times)


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(G1on) Gary Moore
« on: July 30, 2017, 11:40:20 AM »
To load this patch to your G1on:  Drag this link to the desired slot (or double click to replace current patch)
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Gary Moore preset for 'Still Got the Blues'. 
Partly stolen and cobbled together from a couple of YouTube videos.
I also occasionally use this as a Santana patch (although I'll post another Santana patch that I think is pretty close?)


[Governor] Gain:60 TOne:50 Level:100
[MS 1959] Gain:50 Tube:60 Lvel:100 Trebl:65 Middl:70 Bass:55 Prese:50 CAB:MS 1959 4x12 OUT:LINE
[Hall] Decay:10 Tone:5 MIx:46 PreD:49 Level:100 Tail:OFF
[Delay] Time:180 F.B:30 MIx:25 HiDMP:8 p-p:MONO Level:100 Tail:OFF


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Re: (G1on) Gary Moore
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2018, 07:50:46 PM »
Hi, first of all thanks for the post.
I found this patch sounding funny and with very low output and started tweaking it.
Three problems here:
1) Both this one and the "Santana" patches have the effects in reverse order.
2) If you got this patch adapting from youtube channel "Direct Recording Guitar", the problem is that original patch is for the Zoom G3 and its effects are shown in reverse order related to G1on / G1Xon.
3) In the Patch Settings, the output level is set too low, and you need to change it do at least 100 (in may case).