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(B1on) Jaco CHOR
« on: January 07, 2017, 08:05:27 PM »
To load this patch to your B1on:  Drag this link to the desired slot (or double click to replace current patch)
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This is a patch I made with a Jazz bass, bridge pickup. Trying for a Jaco like tone. (one of many) :)

Your Bass into a Chorus into an Acoustic 360 full mix on Speaker Cabinet in a Big Hall (reverb) Hrt-3500 at the end just to boost whole thing
Try turning off/on the Chorus and or Reverb.

I run my gain structure and patch building on my pedal like this.

I run my Master at about 20-25. I start with my Patch Settings Level at 60. If it's a Pedal effect I usually run output
Level 100 depending on MiX pan and how it might feed into next Effect in the chain. If it's a single Effect output 100 and maybe the Patch Level
100 also. Amp Models outputs depending on where in the chain and how used, as a amp or, as a preamp. 

So what I am saying, I run my Patches Volume up and my Master Volume back or down.
I find when I do this, I have enough room output wise, to push most front ends and even power amps with just the B1on.

Try it.