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G1on / G1Xon / (G1Xon) wind noyz - special fx - "One These Days", anyone?
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:07:57 PM »
It's pretty silly, I know.  Pedal controls frequency of noise.  Loop it, cue up a bass patch with a repeating triplet delay and go nuts.  Can also serve as source for do-it-yourself meditation tapes.  Enjoy!

To load this patch to your G1Xon:  Drag this link to the desired slot (or double click to replace current patch)
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ZoomLib: General discussion / Re: G1xon on violin
« on: April 09, 2018, 01:53:43 PM »
Weird timing - I just happened to see a violinist using a gx1on this weekend in a latin/jazz ensemble. I kept looking all night to see when he would kick it on - in the end, he used it on one piece, as an envelope filter (auto-wah) effect. I guess either the "Cry" or one of the filter effects on the Gx1on.
And not just any band, either. The name of the band is "Odessa / Havana", they have won Juno awards (Canada's Grammy's). Playing at Koerner Hall, the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music concert hall here in Toronto.
I figure if someone with chops like that is using it live, I feel pretty vindicated using it, even if it does look like a Fisher-Price toy.
Sorry, not really an answer to your question, but some info that it can be useful for violinists. :)

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