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Title: (G1Xon) APACHE
Post by: marek66 on October 04, 2019, 12:13:36 PM
To load this patch to your G1Xon:  Drag this link (http://www.zoompatches.com/filestore/nsONotYRhUA4zK_pdSyaW1ggUObEQNkvFxt9J8NOMuleNo1S4QGdZBRAfCUMhxJ2ima5fls4sVZoOACc2RD1QM9hiCeI6MiuiH2f07gHXtOI_AcFpsEUwdRI0CK9rcS1f3WowkLhhOkyzFLcdu1mz88hcuMArxA1D45mGhaaGLbbG1lc) to the desired slot (or double click to replace current patch)
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Title: Re: (G1Xon) APACHE
Post by: martinmj on December 17, 2019, 12:45:51 PM
I have a Shadows G1XonALL file that I cannot open with zoom library, either when connected to my pedal, or using the library as a stand alone. And when i do load the ZoomLib program, the Zoom Patch Exchange website shows on the left-hand pane. Even if I drag the file to the program it ignores it, and when I try to open the file with the ZoomLib program it again ignores it. And when I use the Full restore button, the file just hangs and the program does not respond.
I have managed to download patches from the site, and they go without any problem to the pedal. Plus the full backup works correctly as well. So I am somewhat mystified, to put it mildly. Any suggestions?
Title: Re: (G1Xon) APACHE
Post by: martinmj on December 18, 2019, 07:55:06 AM
Thanks-as I said in my email, I have managed to download the single patches such as your excellent Apache one, but I also have a complete set of the Art D'Echo patches for this pedal, designed to be opened with ZoomLib. But Zoomlib ALWAYS loads with the zoom patch exchange threads in the left-hand pane, and it never allows me to load the Art D'Echo patches using the Full Restore button. I had hoped to upload the patches individually, but I cannot do that until I can load them on the predal to split the information. Anyone help?