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Title: (G1on) ROCKMAN X100
Post by: torst on June 22, 2016, 02:19:07 PM
To load this patch to your G1on:  Drag this link (http://www.zoompatches.com/filestore/KF1p-n8BO_4iX3sQU3mRC1TrNubH2sxS6dFKgjODUa47hmIMsW2IhUXkzSMWEF5-QL5iTj6oFG-7CoV-XEfTbqlQyucFooQAsL-8ijPMrv-Ai-6qbML01YBfTP1ibZmaWFzlTNUcO357nF4-KWwCJbdrAS_S37LGt0IliixD8r) to the desired slot (or double click to replace current patch)
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Preset dle mého milovaného Rockmana Tom Scholz X100, kanál dist. Modelováno dle reálného, historického kusu. Přesnost cca 95%. Switch FX v pozici "Chorus off" (Echo on).
Preset my beloved Tom Scholz Rockman X100, dist Channel. Modeled according to real, historical piece. The accuracy of approximately 95%. FX switch in the "off Chorus" (Echo on). Typical Sound misc. Groups 80´Years ! (Boston, ZZ top...)
Title: Re: (G1on) ROCKMAN X100
Post by: NHRACER on August 05, 2017, 09:29:39 AM
I have the GX1on. could someone post the patch info for this?
Title: Re: (G1on) ROCKMAN X100
Post by: Dave (drdashdot) on August 06, 2017, 06:48:06 AM
You can load any G1on patch to your G1Xon by double clicking or drag and drop, using ZoomLib.
If you are accessing this site with a browser, click on downloads and install the mac or windows version of zoomlib v1.0.1

BTW, you can also try loading B1on and B1Xon patches.  Some effects might be missing, but no harm done.
Title: Re: (G1on) ROCKMAN X100
Post by: torst on January 27, 2018, 05:20:31 AM
In this Time i skeptic criticly to my old Rockman Preset - 22. Juni 2016. I make new Preset, but too this preset is not maximum sucesful. Sorry, old analog Rockman have very typical, singing sound.