Zoom multi-effects / multi-stomp pedal

Patch backup / sharing software


MS-70CDR     MS-50G    MS-60B

G1on    G1Xon    B1on    B1Xon

  G5    G3    G3X   B3 

If you have any of these Zoom guitar effects pedals, then you should have this software. 

Using your pedal's USB interface, you can: 



DOWNLOAD  (Windows or MacOS)



What's that you say?  Your pedal's USB interface is for "firmware upgrades only"?  I don't know why Zoom say that, because this software works - but PLEASE NOTE:

while this software works with current Zoom firmware (as of February 2018),  any future firmware upgrades might change that.

You use this software at your own risk!*

* As far as we know, no Zoom pedal has exploded, spontaneously combusted, melted down or even stopped working while using this software.  It works!